firlter for a * (asterisk)

hi there. can anyone tell mi how i can filter for a * in the name? id like to see all customers that have 3 asterisks (*) in their name … with c/al code or not =) i tried several things already…

Hi, I’ve not tested it, but probably the following line will do the trick: rec.SETFILTER(TextField, '*%1*', '***');

No … =) This will filter for 5 asterisks and therefore will find everything since 5 times everything always remains everything =)

Define a textconstant * Then put code like Setfilter(Name, Text000);

I’ve tested it and it doesn’t work… Probably “A bassist & his freak” has to use something else instead of ***. You could use a dataport to export the data. Change all the *** to $$$. Import the data.

The textconstant realy works! [^] I Agree not to use filter signs in codes and descriptions. Greetz, Marq

Well OK, thats fine now. I can handle my problem with your answers, thanks. But i now just think of the User who may put 3 asterisks as a Description for the Name (Hotels, Restaurants a.s.o.) but then has no chance to filter them out. By himself speaking of TableFilter and such, or am i wrong?



The textconstant realy works!

You’ve tested it? You have a Text Constant with ConstValue ***? Or am I missing something… Ahed4,


…, or am i wrong?

I think you’re right. [:(] You have to change the data in another program instead of in Navision.

have you tried adding a back-slash before each asterix like this: *