Filter on * in part description

I have a rather strange problem. In our Part descriptions if a part has been replaced by another part they put * asterisk in the description on the old part. I have been asked to write a report based on these older parts and I’m trying to filter on the * in the description field but it’s not working right. It’s bringing up everything.

This is my filter:


Is there anyway to write this filter which will bring up what I want?



I don’t know how that would work. I’d probably think about replacing all *'s with ~'s or smoething else. Really though, what you should do is add a field to mark Items as ‘old’ Items, or use the blocked field for that.

Thanks Daniel.

To further complicate things is we sometimes still have in stock the older part and they like to use up the stock before they start using the newer part.


Another reason to create a field for that purpose. I think I remember a mod once a long time ago where we added a field “Blocked for Purchase”, which allowed existing stock to be used up and sold, but when you tried to enter the item in a purchase order it would error out.


we have to create a boolen field and use the STRPOS function or some other function and search for the * and update the boolen field after that we can filter it from that boolen field



Thanks for all the answers. I’ll try a couple of things here…


There are already many answers, but the main reason why such filter doesn’t work remains unanswered…

  • is a WILDCARD character, replacing one ore more any other characters in searches/filters - lovejazz, could it really be that you didn’t know such an elemantary and obvious thing?

I think Greg knows about wildcards, and just wanted to know if you can somehow set a filter on the literal string ‘*’, just like it is possible within C/AL to build a text literal that contains the single quote, even though that is a reserved character. I think it was a completely legitimate question.

Not being a C/AL programmer, I don’t know the code behind searches/filters, but if you say that

then maybe its possible to modify it somehow and still use * as searchable char, not wilcard - especially with SQL base, as in TSQL the corresponding wildcard is % (percent), so in SQL you can easily use asterix for searches. Just an idea - I don’t know, can it be recoded so & what side effects it can cause…

Easiest way, of course, is avoiding usage of asterix, as already suggested above.

I think I will export the Item table to Excel and look at the description field in Excel…

Might be the easiest route.