Financial Management Exam

Okay here goes - stupid question alert [:D] What is the Financial Management exam like in the rest of the world? I ask this from the following perspective; Due to changes in accreditation in the UK I now have to sit an exam as my NCR qualification is soon to become meaningless. The NCR exam did little to actually discover a persons knowledge of the system. For example it would aks you the menu path to the VAT posting Group set-up and give you four options. Please tell me the Financials Exam IS NOT like this! In a bold moment of rashness I have booked myself on the exam in a week, if nothing else it should be funny as I realise four years of navision implementations mean I know nothing!

The other week a colleague mentioned the same type of question for his CRM Service-exam. To even make it … there are also questions like “on which tab” or “Here’s a window. Which other windows do give you access to this one (e.g. a LookUp)”. With the latter one you will get several options of which several may be right. And you’ve got to have them all! Good luck next week, Steve.

So to become a “qualified” Navision expert I will have to forget everything I have learnt actually using the software and memorise the tab names and the options under buttons. [:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!][:(!] I love my life sometimes [:D]

I find those exam questions so vague…and sometimes the questions they asked are like testing our English? And sometimes when there would be like 2 answers which sounded right but we could only pick one! Like some of the members have said, I’m not sure if I passed by “pure luck” or from my knowledge? [:p]

Steven, You do realise that hundreds of MBSUG members are going to be logging in next week to see if you passed the exam. Especially us in the UK with our NCRs on death row to see if you mention any of the questions. No pressure! Good luck. Chris.

Hi Chris I have just received the overview of the exam (it will be posted on the partnersource website next week [:D]). I should “Demonstrate how to use XBRL for exchanging financial information” I think I could be in trouble [:D]

Welcome to the MBSOnline equivalent of Big Brother! [:D] …or perhaps a self-help/support group to overcome the trauma of the exam? Good luck![8D]

90 minutes 70 questions 70% pass rate “I’m a Navision Consultant - get me out of here!” [:D] Clearly lost on everyone outside the UK

You will all be glad to know I passed it. The questions come up in no particular order but the percentage results are divided into 9 clear sections: G/L Reporting & Analysis Sales & Receivables Purchase & Payables Inventory Costing Fixed Assets Resources & Jobs Consolidation, Journals & Banking VAT & Intrastat System Maintenance & Security There seemed to be far too many questions on fixed assets and consolidation, but maybe thats just where my weaknesses are! [:D]

Steven, Was this exam you’ve recently taken, to give you a developer licence?[?]

Hi Connull The old NCR certificaiton becomes meaningless in April 2004 - Current NCR’s are exempt from the Navisions Essentials exam as long as they pass the financial management exam prior to November 2003. So this is all part of the alignment of Microsoft. In short if you do not sit the exam before November you will have to sit two exams to be recognised as a Navision consultant, or proficient in the software. The exam is GB10-010 and called Attain Financial Management v3.60 - which surprised me as officially Attain has been dropped - shows how new it all is. This was not connected in anyway to having a devloper license, or gaining a valid license - although this maybe the case when the licenses are re-issued in 2004.

Steven, It’s probably better to just work for an End-User who is a multi-million corporation, so you can get them to buy a licence!! [:D] Glad I don’t have to sit the exam(s)

Sounds like a plan to me!

Steven Well done one passing you exam!!! [:D] I’m getting pressure to book a date for mine (from above if you know what I mean [V]) but I don’t even like to cough without thorough preparation…[:I] Ah well - I suppose I just have to do it…where did you take the exam? Ally

Yeah well done Steven. [:)] [:D] Good luck Ally, you’ll be OK.

Hi Ally (wouldn’t want you to think I was your mother[:D]) I took it at Highbury College - just off the M27 at Cosham, but Caramba at Lee-on-Solent are also in the area. I am sure somewhere before you mentioned you were Southanpton based - anyway all the test centres are listed on the site, you just have to set yourself up with a login ID. I am sure you will be fine [:D]

Cheers Connull and Steven (yes - we are only a few miles away from one another) Highbury college sounds the easiest to get to… I’ll let you know how I get on (when I finally get round to it, um, and if I pass of course…) A

Alison, Sorry for calling you Ally (I hope I didn’t offend you!) [:p] Do you work for an NSC then? [?]

Actually, only my mother calls me Alison - everyone else refers to me as Ally (or probably worse when my back is turned…) yes, I work as a consultant/project manager for an NSC in Southampton (for my sins - must have done something very bad in a previous life!!) …

How’s the business going? Are you getting many new installations or is it more small modifications and upgrades? I ask because one reason I left my last employer was because I was moved into the support dept. from development, due to lack of new installations / new systems.