FieldRef and Option

Hi All, i need to import several Data from Excel into the Itemtable 27. Some fields are optionfields. What is the way to import such data? I have tried it with a number ( e.g. 0,1 or 2) in Excel. In Navision i have a variable “Value” of type variant. During the import this variable holds the correct value (1,2 or 3). But when i say: FRef.value := value; this does not work. Navision replaces the correct values 1 and 2 with a 64. What is my mistake? Thanks in andvance. Greetings, Frank

evaluate your value into an integer variable and set the option field to it, that should work.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your repley. It works. Sometimes it was so easy, that you never saw it [:D] Regards, Frank