Data importing from excel

Dear friends, Can anybody brief me how i can import data from excel sheet ? I tried but i missed something it seems… with regards rajasekhar venumala

Hi, You are using dataport object or you are using Excel Automation to read data from excel and push it in Navision. Please clarify it.

Dear rajesh I don’t know about Excel Automation. I am using Dataports only. rgds rajasekhar venumala

Hi Venu, R U trying by saving the Excel file with data in a text format and trying to import. If so, 1. R u using file format “fixed” option or 2. “Variable format” option? If variable did you check the delimiters? In case of Fixed, you have to define the fields,size? You have to elaborate.

Dear Rahimuddin, I am trying to import the excel format only not from text format.As it is excle i am using Variable format only.But i don’t know what to use for startdelimeter and enddelimeter for excle sheet.And what are the precautions to be taken while designing the table to suit excel sheet data? regards rajasekhar venumala

Hi Raja, Why dont you try using the Excelbuf table which is a part of Navision ? In that case,you will not have to register the dll on the machine for the automation object. Check out the excelbuf table and its properties,using that table is quite easy. Regards, Meenal

Hi Meenal, It is interesting to listen about excle buffer table i have just seen the excel buffer table.Please let me know where can i findout the details of the same table ?? with love rajasekhar venumala

Hi Raja, with the dataport object you can only import plain text files, and not directly an Excel file. You need to save your Excel file as .csv (MS-DOS) file, and import this file via dataport. Field delimeters are not used, and the field seperator is a ; . If you want to use any field delimeters then add them manually in Excel to your data. It is of course very very important to use the same order of files both in Excel and in the Navision dataport. An important hint, csv filetype does also export “hidden” Excel columns. Have a look at the designers guide, there is a special chapter dedicated to dataports. Hope this helps. Nils

Hi Raja, In case the toss between dataport and Excelbuf table is not too confusing,I would like to tell you a little abt the Excelbuf table. Refer to Budget module in the GL ,there is a function For Importing Budget to Excel as well as for Exporting data to Excel. Use that function as a guideline for Importing data into Navision from Excel using Excelbuf table. Please feel free to revert back or write to me at for further queries. Regards, Meenal

Hi Meenal, I have already asked him about excel automation but unfortunately he does not know about excel automation. Excel Buffer table ultimately using excel automation to export and import data.

Hi Rajesh, By Excel Automation,I interpreted it as creating a DLL in VB and then instantiating it in Navision form and running it, and in case of ExcelBuf table, you can directly dump the data from Excel into the table and then into the form for display . I hope you have got the difference right now. Regards, Meenal

Thanks Meenal and Rajesh.I am going thru in detail with regards rajasekhar