Execute code when I click OK & New in a page

Hi everyone,
I want to execute some code when I click at the button OK & New in the item card when creating new items (NAV 2013 R2).
Where shall I put my code?
Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

ok button: page triggers onclosepage and onqueryclosepage

new button: page trigger onnewrecord

follow http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee414200(v=nav.70).aspx

Thank you for your answer, but I meant the button Ok&New which appears when I click New in the Item page…

I don’t think it is possible

when clicking on the “ok & new” button on the page “item card” after creating a new record, then the page trigger onnewrecord is also called. so you can write your custom code to that trigger.