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m trying to setup excise tax…i hav setup all excise posting groups and attached a structure to purchase order and invoice the purchase order…so the accounts affected are cenvat cr.receivables a/c…and also rg23 part1 and part2…but i have also setup in g/l setup the pla a/c and excise expenses a/c…but m not able to find the affect in these accounts…so can u explain me when these accounts will be affected…and while posting a sales order along with excise tax m getting affect only in rg23part1 but not in rg23part2…is it right or that is also is affected…u reply wuld be appreciable…



It is not very clear what you have setup or what you are trying to achieve, could you please try and explain this again with an example. Also is your localisation subject to any changes in this area, otherwise you may receive incorrect advice.

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m working in nav 4.0sp3 with india localisation…in sales order i hav assigned a customer with required excise setup and also with excise item and along with a excise structure…i hav calculated the structure and i hav got the strucuture details…i hav placed mark in “direct debit to pla” but while posting it is showing an error “please check the total amount of pla,rg23a,rg23c”…i hav setup a pla account in the general ledger setup…so anything should be setup other than this please let me know…ur reply is appreciated…


Hi Satya,

Please avoid using short SMS language. Other members may find it confusing.

Regarding Excise setup, whatever the set up is:

  1. Purchase transaction automatically updates the selected accounts.

  2. For Sales Transactions;You still have to go and pay Excise through General Journal even if ‘Direct Debit to PLA’ is activated.




Thank you for the input and guidance - should I presume this is an Indian localisation along with some of the shorthand terminology, so it is obvious to a user with this knowledge?

thanks for ur reply…

in sales order i hav assigned a customer and item with the required excise setup…and calculated structure values and placed a checkmark in ‘direct debit to pla’ and while invoicing the sales order its showing me an error’ please check the total of rg23a,rg23c,pla ’ so what the other setup should i make to overcome this error…reply wuld be appreciated

Yes Steven,

This is an Indian Localisation .


You do not have to do any additional setup for this.When you tick mark Direct Debit from PLA, It looks for available balance in the PLA account.

(You have to regularly keep the account funded by processing either a Bank Payment or a cash payment to the PLA account.)

If balance is not available than the Sales Invoice will not process.



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i need some clarification that rg23 part II will be affected during any sales transactions…for purchase transactions rg23 part I and rg23 part II both are affected but during sales transactions only rg 23 part I is affected but rg 23 part II is not affected so can u help me out of this…