Excise Duty in Navision

Dear All,

i made all the setup in Excise “Finance management → Setup → Excise”

after doing this… how do i link this with my finished goods…

how the entries will be passed in Accrued excise duty in navision

how Excise liability will be raised with the sale

please help… what is are necessary procedure which i need to follow



Following link might help you.


Dear amol ji,

Thanks for the reply

i came to know how to calculate the excise duty with the following steps…

  1. Press F 3 to create the new record
  2. Fill the following fields in Excise set up
  3. Excise Business Posting Group : GEN / National
  4. Excise Product Posting group : Give the code
  5. From date : enter the date
  6. Cenvat cr. Receivable Account = Enter the account number
  7. Excise Payable Account = Enter the account Number
  8. BED calculation Type = Excise %
  9. BED % = enter the percentage
  10. Assign the Excise Gen posting group in Vendor / Customer card
  11. Assign the Excise product posting group in Item card
  12. Create the structure with Excise
  13. Create the Purchase order and enter the qty, value.
  14. Select the structure
  15. Then run the function Caluclate the structure Values.
  16. Press F9 for statistics.
  17. System will calculate the Excise amount

But i am struct with the 12th step… how do we create Structure with EXCISE. what we have give in Base formula…

please clarify …

thanks in avance



Tax Structure

::Tax Structure In Navision::

To define Tax Structure in Navision you have to fill the form Structure( Financial Management → Setup → Structure → Structure). There you will get a window like header contains Code and Description of the Structure, and in the line part defines what all calculations need to occur.

  1. 1) Open the Structure Form(Financial Management → Setup → Structure → Structure)

  2. 2) Press F3 to create a new Tax Structure.

  3. 3) Fill the Code Field as Tax Structure code that need to appear any of the Structure field of the forms like Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Sales Order, Sales Invoices etc.

  4. 4) Fill the Description Field as Tax Structure code description.

  5. 5) Fill the line part next, first enter the Type Field: Select whether the Tax/Charge being defined here is a Charge, Sales tax, Excise, VAT, Service Tax or Other Taxes.

  6. 6) Tax/Charge Group Field(Optional): Select the Tax/Charge group along with the Tax/Charge Code, as defined in the setup.

  7. 7) Tax/Charge Code Field(Optional): Select the Tax/Charge group along with the Tax/Charge Code, as defined in the setup.

    1. Pls following field for a one line Tax Structures Include Base, Include Line Discount, Include Invoice discount, Header/ Line as line.