excel not found error

HI all,

I have a issue with excel import. i have a codeunit which i am using to import data from csv file.

I am using NAS that’s why cannot use dataport so using codeunit.

IF the system is having excel installed it’s working fine but if excel is not installed it’s throwing an error as

“Excel not found”. since on server where NAS is ruuning there will no excel installed.

IS there any possibility so that i can import data from csv file without installing office.

Please reply if any answers


Hi Raj,

You can still use a dataport for this. You need to call the dataport from a codeunit (or report) as these can be scheduled in the Job Queue.

But dataport doesn’t work with the NAS. we already tried it.

in NAS document also it is listed that we cannot use dataport through NAS

Is there any other possibility to somehow able to read csv file.

Hi Raj,

You can write a codeunit to read in the file and post in the results.

Look at report 81 Import Budget from Excel. I copied and modified it to do what I wanted.

Hi Dave,

Samething i am doing but problem is that excel buffer is using automation server.

and on the server where it should run there is no automation for excel is getting loaded.

that’s why i need some solution that without installing office it should support that excel buffer automation server. is it possible?

somewhere i read that MDAC can be help full but that also is not supporting.

Hi Raj,

You can need to use the File type commands e.g. MyFile.OPEN, MyFile.READ, MyFile.CLOSE. You will probable need to use the TEXTMODE. Have a look at the C/SIDE reference guide on these function for examples of how to use.