Error when posting Sales Order;The transactions on voucher do not balance as per date

Hi all,

I’m got this error when I’m try to posting Sales order with Local Currency (Company Currency)

Voucher XXXXXXX , date XX/XX/XXXx, account XXXX , amount currency 0.00, amount MST 0.01, alternative amount 0.00, currency LKR, text.

what I did was went to GL-> Exchange Rates, Select Local Currency and went to Round-off tab and entered general rounding value from 0.01 to 0.06 when general rounding is 0.06 it was posted.

my question is this what is the impact of this rounding ?

even my local currency and , transaction currency is same why i’m getting this kind of error?

please explain ,

thanks in advance.

amith prasanna.

Hi Amith,

I too have the same issue. Do u got any solution?

If u got any solution, kindly let me know.

Thank you.

as we investigated it’s only occurred when we creating sales invoice with “Amount Including Sales Tax” , and exchange rate with too many decimal places .if your exchange rate have more than 4 decimal places most probably , it will be the reason .

as at now what we are doing is change the General Round off in Exchange Rate Update form.


Amith Prasanna.

Thank u Amith for ur reply.

I have checked my exchange rates, our round off is 0.0000.

But particular SO cannot be posted.

This was the error throwed. Any idea?

Thank you.