Error migrating data from 2.6B (native) to SQL2K

I’ve created an empty navison 2.6F database on SQL Server 2000 and I get plenty data consistency errors when trying to restore my 2.6B fbk file into it. The errors I get are all date format like “[Table G/L Entry]… Posted Date = 05/06/0023 is not a valid SQL Server date” and then the restore stops. I was able to fix some errors through the object designer (though I can’t understand how the system did accept the invalid date format in the first place) but when creating a new backup and restoring it again, I get the same error, for the same Entry No. but in a column that looks “hidden” in the system … how can I fix the data in those “hidden” columns ? Is there a tool that can do a full consistency/pre-migration test on my data before I try to restore it to SQL Server 2000? (Because the trial & error it really time consuming[:(!] Anybody has had to go through this before? Thanks in advance.