SQL Server Date Problem

I am evaluating the conversion of our 2.60f c/side database to SQL 2000 I created a SQL Server Option installation on my dev machine, and attempted to restore a Navision backup file. While restoring G/L Entry table, ran into a problem with GL Dates dated 2/29/2000 - Leap Year. Navision says SQL cant use this date and presents it in the error message as 2/29/0000. Is there a SQL Setting I need to change? Any other ideas? Any help would be appreciated Devin W. McMahon, MCDBA

Have you checked that the actual date in Navision is 2/29/2000. Navision as standard only shows the last two digits in the year to the end user. The SQL Server requires dates to be above 1754. Navision dont give an error for the year 0, because it permits dates from 0-9999