Error in Restore Db

Hello Guys,

I got error in db restoring…
The Item Ledger Entry table contains a value in a Code field that
cannot be used with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic:

Field: Serial No.
Value: O~O~O~O~O~


You should check the Item Ledger entry in the original database. Look in the column Serial No. and find a value O~O~O… Delete this value or enter a correct one. Then create the backup again.

And just as a side note, you’ll need to make this edit that Kaspars mentioned using SQL Server. You won’t be able to make the edit using the NV client.

The problem is that, through an interface into NAV other than one of the published clients, you have allowed a transaction to write invalid characters to a field with a Code data type. You need to take great care to avoid doing this, otherwise your native NAV backups will fail. You’ll run into the same issue with valid dates. Native NAV allows dates that SQL Server does not.