Error in posting the vendor payment journal

Hi All

While posting the Vendor payment journal, i am getting the following error:


I am using the check printing from the AX. I guess in the settlement type instead of none it should be “Designated transactions”. can anyone explain me how i can correct it without cancelling the check or how i can fix this error.

Thanks in Advance.

If the value must be “Designated transactions” meaning the transaction is settled against other transactions then this can (from such journa) be made from Functions->Settlement where you mark the “other transaction”.

NB: Don’t know about limits in check functionality.

Yes the “settlement type” will become “designated transaction” from “none” once we select the invoice from the “Function- settlement”, and i did the same but the settlement type didn’t change and i didn’t notice that and process the check and when i am about to post then saw this error. How i can resolve this. Do i need to process it again by cancelling the check or i can use this check.