Error in posting Expense Journal

Hi All

I am getting the Error while posting the Expense journal in Project Module:

Rather i define the Ledger Accounts in project Group: following is the screen shot:

Please Advise

thanks in advance

As you have defined the account number in project group ledger posting setup, the problem could be in the GL account structures.

Go to: General Ledger=> Setup=> Chart of Accounts=> Configure Account Structures and make sure that the account you have specified for project - cost is included in the listed account structures.

This is a new feature in AX2012 so it’s possible that the configuration has not been defined properly. I think here the system identifies which cost account to use for posting the project expense journal but could not find an appropriate entry on the account structures form for this ledger account, so resulting in this error.

And also test a catch all cost, see if it posts, if it does you did not configure the group setting correctly.