Project module hour journal posting error

Hi All

i am trying to post the hour journal for the project, getting the following error:

As i have assigned the ledger accounts, following is the screen shot:

please advise where i am wrong.

thanks in advance.

Put a cost in for all transactions - post again, if the second error is the only one called your posting setup and hour configuration is not aligned from transaction to posting type.

In the ledger posting setup for the “Project Group” i select “Valid for” ALL and put the ledger account for cost and payroll Allocation, but getting the same error. I am not getting from where the error is coming, even delete the journal and re-enter, same error.

Ensure the COA is published for the legal entity.

yes checked all the Ledger Account for cost and payroll allocation is defined in the legal entity.

May Be something related to worker setup

No, in essence if the chart of accounts is active in the legal entity and you have set the project posting groups up with an catch all then it must be a modification, because at the simplest level that will work. Can you tell me how you activated the COA in the legal entity?

we are using the shared chart of account, i create the new ledger accounts by defining the ledger number, name, type and category. And in the Configure account structure created the one node by the name of projexp and attached these ledger accounts and activate it.

And also when i am trying to pass the journal with these ledger (used for cost and payroll allocation) they are not visible in the drop list but in the Main accounts it is showing.

It is Done, the problem in “Configure Account Structure” instead of using the semi colon in between the ledger accounts, i place the commas. Silly mistake…[:@]