Emails sending through Nav SMTP : how to retrieve status send or not sent.


New at Nav. I got a small issue. I am sending emails using the code 400 SMTP in Nav. How do I check if the message has reached the destination. If sent to a non-existent address, I get the error message in Outlook but in Nav there’s no error code raised.


The SMTP component would only fail it was an invalid email address. A valid email address does not necessarily exist on the receiving server, so the server sends a non delivery report back to the sender email notifying that the recipient doesnt exist.

That is why you only get this notification in Outlook or what email program you are using.

Thanks, but I how do I work around that.

With the existing SMTP functionality i dont think there is any workaround. The email is sent from your SMTP server, so everything looks good in the SMTP component you are using.

In order to make sure the email was received/read, you would probably need to put some kind of tracking image in there, that you have on a webserver where you can see if it was accessed, and then do your updates to mark it as read in NAV.

Can you elaborate on that, please? What do you mean by image and how can it be set up?

Yeah, right. This is the way hackers do - put some active code into the mail.

Use this method and be pretty sure that your mail will not arrive at the receivers inbox…

so what other ways are to make this work?

As long as you are not sending unsolicited emails, there should not be an issue tracking if the receiver “read” the email. You could take a look at

Anyways, this question is beyond the scope of this forum.