NAV Business Notification


I have successfully done the installation of nav business notification and now trying to send a notification using a field change based notification.

The Event is triggered and the Notification is queued up in the SMTP server but not sent to the recepients.

Can anyone tell me what shall I do to solve this?

Do you host you own SMTP server?

What kind of errors do you get on the SMTP server?

Please check the SMTP authentication setup if that’s enabled or not.

Yes, we have the SMTP server on the same machine where the Notification server is installed.

The mails are getting stored in the Bad mails Folder.

There is a message that the message may be unreadable without a MIME capable server.

Where shalll I check the authetication and what should be the value defined in it?

This issue doesn’t directly seem to have anything to do with NAV Business Notification.

Please look in this thread to see if it could solve you SMTP server problems.


Thanks for the reply.

But I am able to send the mails using the same SMTP server from Outlook express

So is there a problem with Notification and SMTP configuration??

Try to see if you can analyze the content of the mails ending up in the bad queue. If you Outlook is working against the SMTP server, then it seems that something is missing in the mail content, like MailTo, Sender etc.

See if it’s possible to compare the content of mail from Business Notification and Outlook, then you should be able to see what missing.