Display method for Ssrs report ax 2012

I have one requirement one of client

I want get the total quantity in the report

I have 3 (customization fields )in my table (i.e prodtable)

3 field names >> 1) No of up’s

2).No of sheets


I want code for display method to display total quantity on ssrs report

Total quantity = no of up’s * no of sheets

Public display TotalQuantity total()


TotalQuantity = prodtable.no of up’s * prodtable .no of sheets;

Return TotalQuantity;


Where you are trying to write that method? Is that a query based or DP based report?

Hi kranthi,

Thanks for the reply . I wrote code at table level (prodtable)

This query based report not rdp …

What issue do you have?

Hi kranthi ,
I am unble to get the value on the Ssrs report with above code at display method @prodtable level
Can you please suggest me above code is correct ?if not please give code please for above scenario

Does your method compiles? See the below example code.

display TotalQuantity total()

TotalQuantity totalQuantity; // considering the TotalQuantity is an EDT

totalQuantity = this.noofups * this.noofsheets;

Return TotalQuantity;