Hi how to get Total amount in SSRS report?

Hi I am developing ssrs report in AX 2012

I have to display the fields like

vendref, createddatetime and totalamount(subtatal+sumtax+roundoff+mis)

AP module >purchases orders/all PO >take any on projId>you can see a “Totals” button at the top on the screen

a new screen will be displayed : “View purchase ordre totals”
in that “total amount” is there so that total amount i have to display as total amount in my report.

Can anyone help me on this how to get that value(It may be a query type report or RDP report)

Plz help me asap it’s an urgent requirement for me.

Thanks in advance.

You can use expressions if your developing the report within Visual Studio (which I’d assume you are).

There are many functions, SUM will give you a total.


If you intending to use DP class -

  1. Create a ‘Total’ field in the temporary table
  2. Do the calculation and populate this field in the DP class &
  3. Display this field in SSRS report

Hi How to do the calcution

can you post some code to my mail sr9766@gmail.com

That field is not direct table fields, it’s method

at form level Those calculation displaying by using method’s, these values will never save in table.