Dimension is being populated from Project card though changed in Journal

Hi All,

I am posting client account , with transfer of amount from 100 from one project to another project ,

While posting journal I changed the financial dimension, but after posting the journal and check the voucher , it is taking the dimension from Project card

Where can I check the code for populating the dimension , in the posted voucher . I am checking in the following places but till now no luck. Is there any other method for checking

LedgerJournalPost\post \LedgerJournalCheckPost\run \LedgerJournalCheckPost\postJournal

( I am new to ax , so don’t know abt whether it is a ax standard functionality or addon )

How it is being done?

What is the AX version?

You need to debug in more detail to know how the fin dimension is transferred to the voucher.

You may need to look \Classes\LedgerJournalTransUpdateProject\updateNow