difference between line and total discount?

Hi all

what is the difference between Line and Total discount?is there any difference in the process of applying both these?



Line discounts - Here you specify discounts as percentage or as an amount. The discount is applied to the Unit price, i.e. the price from the Price agreement. You can also set up different discounts depending on quantity ordered. With this type of Trade Agreement AX only takes into account the quantity ordered on a single sales order line.

Total discount - Use it to specify one discount for the whole sales order. It is applied to the total amount of the sales order. Use it when you want to give a discount depending on the amount of the sales order and not on the quantity of items ordered.


Thanks Sarathy but you didn’t answer my 2nd question that is there any difference between the process of applying them?

In the Line, Multiline, Total discounts, options are available to specify two additional discount percentages in the Discount percentage 1 and Discount percentage 2 fields. These discount percentages work same as for Line,Multiline and Total discount agreements.

But calculation for Multiline and Total discount will be done through Calculation button> Total discounts in PO or SO lines and it’s Discount % can be seen in Price/Discount tab of the Order (header). where as for Line & Multiline discounts we can view these in Price/Discount (tab) of SO or PO order lines.


Dear Sarathy

Check whether my process is right or wrong?

  1. I create a group in A/C Rec>setup>price/discount>customer discount/price group

here i create a group for line discount

in trade agreement click lines discount, item code ALL,quantity 10,discount 3

  1. than in customer detail,select a customer,in discount option select line discount group

  2. create a SO.enter customer and item details

i have enter 12 units with price 350 each.in discount it shows 35.

after that i issue the invoice but it doesn’t show any discount.

What should i do for this?



Hi Artala,

Check this Example:

  1. In the Line discount form, Qty = 10, Discount = 5 … save it & close.

  2. In the Sales Order , select item, Qty = 15 and Price = 100, In the Discount field you can see 5 and Net amount is 1500 - 75 = 1425. … 15 * 5 = 75. (Qty * Discount)

It means, the discount (5) will be applicable for each item quantity. … here in this example, at line discount form we mentioned 10 as Qty it mean, if we buy or sell 10 items then only we are eligible for 5 discount. if not there won’t be any discount.

At sales order level we took 15 as quantity so, it s more than 10 quantity and so we are eligible for discount 5 per item.

Hope it will help you.


Dear Sarathy

I have done all as u told.but the net amount is still 1500.i didn’t post the invoice now.net amount with discount deducted will show before invoice or after invoice?


Before invoice only that net amount 1425 will be seen in the Net amount field. I think you might not mentioned the discount of 5 in the Line discount form. please check once again that Line discount form.

What Quantity & discount you mentioned in Line discount form ? what quantity you selected at Sales order line?

Please check once again.

Hi [:(][:(]

I go to A/c rec>setup>customer price/discount groups.in SHOW box select line discount. click on trade agreement>line discount.here enter quantity 10,discount 5.

than i created a SO.enter customer.in price/discount tab select line group.

than enter item.quantity 15. price 100.discount is showing 10.

than click on trade agreement on so.here the same information is showing as quantity 10 discount 5.

after all these steps the net amount is still 1500.

how the discount became 10 as i had entered 5?


I think you have configured the Line Discount “TWICE” at AR> Setup> Price/Discount> Customer/ discount group> line discount form as (Qty = 10 and Discount = 5) and You configured One more Line Discount at AR> Sales Order > Trade Agreements> Line Discount form as (Qty = 10 and Discount = 5) … Check this setups once.

So, Obviously you will be getting Discount as 10 (5 + 5).

If YOU go with the above mentioned Quantity in Sales order : Qty - 10 , Price - 100 and Discount - 10 then net amount should be : 900

OR if you take the Quantity as 15 , Price as 100 and discount - 10 , then net amount will be 1350.

Check the setups. I hope your issue will get resolved.

Hi Sarathy,

I had checked you were right.trade agreement was double entered.this issue has been resolved but the problem regarding net amount is still exist.it doesn’t show discounted amount.it is showing 1500.


You delete the line once and re create it. may be buffer is not updating or else create new SO with the same quantity,price and discount and make sure you apply this time only one time. i mean you apply it at Sale order > Trade Agreements > Line discount.

Hope it will run this time.



I have done it but it doesn’t work

Hi Artala,

Some where your doing simple setup mistakes it seems dude. Earlier SO you got the things right and now your not getting means your doing simple mistake… check that again. I hope you will resolve it & you can dude.

check carefully.


Hi Sarathy

Thanks for your support.I have checked it many time but nothing found.Just leave it.

Thanks again.

And my name is Artata not Artala.Kindly correct it.Thanks [:)]



Hi Artata,

Check the setups once again. try 3 or 4 times & experiment with different values you will get it.



Try 2 or 3 times it will come surely dude. Its very easy one.

Hope you do it.



In Line discount we apply it for Item,price and discount. Ex: If customer is buying min.50 items then only he is eligible to avail discount, if not there won’t be any discount .

In Total discount we do it on Amount… Ex: If Customer buying items as of cost 100000 then total discount will be applied on it. if they buy below 100000 then there won’t be any discount.



In trade agreement what should i given in units?


I again started from beginning.Check the steps.

  1. Create a Line Discount Group in A/c Rec>setup>Price/discount group

  2. Create a line discount group in A/c Rec>setup>item discount group

3)in both these two, create a trade agreement in which enter All, quantity 2, discount 5

  1. create SO.in price/discount tab enter line discount group

  2. enter item details. quantity 10,price 1260,it shows discount 5 but net amount is 12600.

Now please tell where is the error.