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What is DictTable? Why we sue this and what is the purpose.

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DictTable is a class that provides information about tables (and maps and views). It will tell you, for example, how many fields a table has. Look at its methods in documentation on MSDN.

It is one of the Refection API available in AX, helps to get the metadata of the tables. Example: the field count using

\System Documentation\Classes\DictTable\fieldCnt

index count, \System Documentation\Classes\DictTable\indexCnt

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is there a way to read the code in the method of dictable (dataPrCompany)


i assume that this is kernel application we can’t read or modify… but i passionate to understood the way they implemented here…

No, it’s not possible. It’s a kernel class, i.e. it’s compiled C++ code or something.

Nevertheless I believe that it simply looks at SaveDataPerCompany property on table.

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