Table meta-data/properties in Axapta


Anyone know how, via Axapta, to get a listing of a certain property, of ALL of the tables my system is interacting with?

Problem: I need to know what the CacheLookup property is set to for all of the tables in my environment. Unfortunately, I have over 450 tables in this system, and I can’t really keep track in my head what all the settings are. Also, it will be slow and lame to have to do this by hand. Anyone know of a way in Axapta, some tool or something, that will let me pull up in a list or a table what the properties are all set to for all of the tables?

Also, can anyone tell me where the Built-in Functions are defined? Where I can take a look at the source code for these functions?


Hello, Skenderbeg

In order to go through all the tables in the data dictionary use the class Dictionary

In order to get parameters of a specific table use the classes SysDictTable and/or DictTable.

To sort out only the tables that you use in the application you can look at the form Number of Records under Tools\Development Tools (the form contains information about the number of records in each table of the application)

If you still will be having trouble figuring this out, I can try to find or write an example.

Good luck


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