Default values for Vendors card

Hi guys! Is there a way when creating Vendors to Force default values for certain fields . For example, GENERAL for Vendor posting group, etc, without inserting same values each time i create a vendor. I know that I can use the copy option but is there another way? Thanks.

The most simple thing is to copy the fields you want to default to a setup table, or add them to the purchases and payables setup. If you insert a new vendor you can copy those values to the new record. This topic should be in the dev. forum I guess [:D]

Alternatively, take a look at the “Customer Template” functionality. This, really, is what you need except - for some strange reason - it hasn’t been included on the Vendor side.

Thanks guys! Yes it is really the “Vendor template card” that I need actually same as the actual" customer template card" but unfortunately it is not in the Vendor side. Thanks anyway

Another way - which some will frown upon is but works Object Designer-> Vendor table-> Design-> goto Vendor Posting Group-> view Properties-> Set InitValue to “GENERAL”

Is this the frown icon → [:(!] [:D]

Good! this is what i needed to know. thanks

Well, “frown” is a bit understated… What about [No][No][No][:(][V][:(!][:(!][xx(][xx(]


Another way - which some will frown upon is but works
Originally posted by savatage99 - 2005 Oct 06 : 14:54:00

Just to shed some light…this was mentioned because many do not like HARD CODING a field. And using a setup table makes it easier to change and more visible incase somewhere down the road you’re gone and another take your place. They might pull their hair out trying to figure out why this field always comes up “GENERAL” But for us there are a few fields that will NEVER change, especially a up & running company, and this is the method we have used on a few fields.

I think its just a small bit of code to bring the customer template functionality into vendors, and a much better solution.

I agree but in my case things that I always did is to show them all possible solutions with pros and cons ( with $$$ amount of course) and they have to choose wich one is the best solution for them. In that way the live eith their choices not me. Ps: it’s why i like several point of views and this forum is good for that.

Doing it the Navison way will in the long run save your client money. I know that sometimes there are clients that just don’t want to save moeny long term, they just want to “git er dun”, but at least rry to get the to do it properly. They are not going to appreciate hearing “I told you so” in a years time.

YEs I agree. It never happened because all implementations that was done so far were done by giving to client what are my recommendation among all possible solutions that were proposed. Until now, i think it was the best way to work. Usually Customer want to have choices and as a consultant we advice them but not force them to make a choice. So the “I told you so” was never used. In fact, i have different approch depending on customers but the solutions approch is still the same: Give recommendations and let’s customer decide with his budget what is the best sln for him.

Tatiana, I do agree WITH your general approach: “Give recommendations and let’s customer decide with his budget what is the best sln for him”, but I’d NEVER consider offering or even mentioning a solution that goes against all good practice (as the above solution imho does). Frankly - and this may be a bit controversial - I don’t think most customers are capable of judging which solutions are good and which are plain bad. Therefore it’s your responsibility, as a consultant, not uncritically to put all possible solutions on the plate, but to filter away the bad ones and only offer the basically sound ones.

That’s not a bad idea

It’s strange how a little post about the InitValue property caused such a duscussion. Maybe the topic should be renamed Best Practices for Default Values. This almost makes me feel guilty for answering the question.[:I]


Good! this is what i needed to know. thanks
Originally posted by rosine - 2005 Oct 06 : 15:08:59

I just don’t feel that this is the sort of advice a consultant (an NSC employee) should offer to his/her clients. An End User like yourself, on the other hand, has a bit more leeway. I’m sure you’re perfectly capable of making the right decisions with regards to your own system. Anyway, I may well have blown this a bit out of proportion (I’m a purist when it comes to hardcoding ) - it really is a minor issue, not exactly a capital crime, so please don’t feel too guilty [:D]

H. It’s fine to point these things out but NEVER USE THEM.

Hi Guys! Related to this topic, is it possible that the SA at the customer site be able to do those modifications ( change properties to set default values on specific fields in tables) with its own license or if he needs to have the developer licence?? What does he needs to have to do those changes because I have also a SA at my customer site who is very strong with programming and want to be change default values in several tables in Navision ( like ITEM, CUSTOMER, GL ACCOUNT, ETC…) ??? Thanks.

Yes, If their License allows it. IE/form designer & table designer in their license