Default Dimension priority

I am not clear how this can be used by the users effectively. Can anybody provide simple example and demonstrate to enable me to use this. Is it a better control for data integrity?



How do you like if you can get a balance sheet for each of your Products, Business Units, Projects, etc apart from the company-wide balance sheet? Dimensions exactly help you achieve that.

Dimensions are a way of sorting and classifying data based on different business variables (called dimensions) and help you do financial analysis. You mark dimensions in journals, documents, and budgets, and they get aggregated based on the dimension(s) when you run a report and ask for dimension-specific information.

Default Dimension Priority is a feature to resolve any conflicting default dimensions set.

Baically you could have a dimension for “Cost Centre” that you use for the customer record AND the item record. If you load an item onto the sales line then the item dimension could potentially conflict with the setting already on the sales header from the customer record. So this is a way of telling the system which dimension has priority.