Custom Lookup

Dear Reader,

Thanks in advance, i am trying my best to explain the scenario

I need to develop a lookup on a form, the requirement is as follows

there’s a field called TransactionDate in the Header Table,

there’s another field called Description in the Lines Table,

I want to populate a lookup on the Description field which contains timeslot ranges (for e.g from 00:00:00 hrs to 06:00:00 hrs) this timeslot range is based on the ‘effective from date’ and ‘effective to date’ (for e.g 01-Apr-2012 to 31-03-2012)

Now if the Header Table’s TransactionDate falls in between the ‘effective from date’ and ‘effective to date’ period then only those timeslot ranges should be displayed in the lookup.

Note: the lookup which will be populated comes from a different master table which doesn’t have any field common with the header and lines table.

Please suggest a solution for the above.



Hi Prashant,

Does the description field contain the date value as well? If it does, then you simply have to apply a range on the field with the parameter date values. Otherwise you may have to convert string to datetime format and compare them. Also need to check if Ax 3.0 supports string to datetime conversion (I presumed that you are working on Ax 3.0).

This is a link about customized data in reference groups. this might be useful for your scenario.

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