How to create a lookup to displays my table in combobox


I am new in Dynamics AX 2012, I have created my form with fields (ID, dated, DATEF, code), and a new table I want the combobox ID in my form displays all data of my table using a lookup , I saw a lot of tutorial but it did’nt work


If you are using the same table in form, then why do you need a lookup? The form is UI to enter the data into the table

If you are using the Id/code from this table in another table, use a relation to get a lookup…

“It didn’t work” is never a sufficient description of any problem.

I am trying to learn ms dynamics ax2012 by making some practical work. I’m trying to make a lookup form to show some data of my new table in drob down. here i have did that;

  1. I create new table reference with the field RefID and others fields(date1 ,date2…).
  2. Create an Index by dragging the RefID field to the Index.
  3. Set the following Index properties:

a) AllowDuplicates to “NO”.

b) Alternate key to “YES”.

  1. Set the PrimaryIndex property of the table to newly created index after creating the
  2. Create an EDT refEdt and i set reference table property to my table
  3. create new form Lookupform i add in datasource my new table ‘reference’
  4. In design node i add 2 dateEdite control and i add datasource and data field property
  5. In design node i add combobox control i add datasource property 9; i add ReferenceGroup control with datasource property , but i can’t set ExtendedDataType = {my EDT name} is not displayed

any ideas to improve my Testof lookup

best regards

Aha, so you’re the same ahmed as in How to create a lookup form, correct? Why did you post exactly the same thing again and under a different account? Please try not to make more chaos necessary.

Everybody please continue the discussion in How to create a lookup form.

No, I’m not the same person why you say that, it seem to me that we have the same problems

And by coincidence, you formulate your problems in exactly the same words, including sentences like “any ideas to improve my Testof lookup”. Very convincing. [:)]