Currency Exchange Rates

Hi everybody! I would like to update (weekly) the currency exchange rates by importing an ASCII-file. Does anybody know, where i can download such files? Regards, Joerg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Hi Joerg, I had the same problem more or less, the solution I came up with is using a php script on the companies web server to fetch the data from the financial pages of an internet portal, and locate the exchange-rates in the html-page with string operations. This file is saved daily (cron job on a linux server) and then imported into Navision. This solution has the obvious downturn that you need to adjust the script if the design of the site is changed in a relevant way, so certainly it is not optimal, but at least it has worked without problems for the last three months. Naturally, the optimal solution would be a contract with a service provider for financial information, but I searched for some time on the web, and all I found were providers targeted to portals, etc., that want to use the information on their website, which is reflected in the price and the necessary steps to establish an account with them - i just found writing some lines of php a great deal easier, even if i may have to update it every six months or so. (I get the results of the php-script by email every time the rates are updated. That way, problems will not go unnoticed for more than a few days) Regards, Stephan

Stephan, On some sites you can get stock quotes (I only can assume that this also applies for exchange rates!) in pure ASCII as CSV formated output which - of course is much easier to import than filtering the stuff out of a html file. Interesting sites for you respectively for Jörg might be Austira: Wiener Börse: Germany: or Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

Hi all! Thank you for your advices ;c) Finally, i found a Web-Site, which provides exactly what i need: There you can order frequent (dayly/weekly/monthly) eMails - FREE -providing you with CUSTOMIZED Information about currency rates, stock rates, etc. You can choose the file-format, too: HTML, Text or CSV I just have created a dataport that imports the currency exchange rates from that file (CSV) and it works PERFECTLY! Regards, Joerg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP