Getting currencies exchange rates from the web

Hello! Is there a simple way to import currencies exchange rates from a web site or from any other external source (txt etc.)? In Russia such option would be especially useful since USD, EUR etc. exchange rates change daily. Thanks in advance.

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To Joerg Stryk I want people not enter exchange rates manually. I want to make Navision itself get exchange rates daily from the web.

Hi, We wrote something to do this and although we are not using it in the live environment it does work perfectly. However, we did not use Navision to do this, we used the ColdFusion web application server and inserted the values we grabbed from the website straight into the currency exchange rate table in Navision (SQL server). You can do the same thing just as easily with any other language like ASP, .NET, PHP or Java. To do it with Navision is probably not that easy. Regards Meint

There is a way to do in import of information through specific site, from where you can read the information, put them into the txt file and than with dataport import them into the navision. After that one click on the button and info is there. Suzi