Credit memos only VAT


how can I create a creadit memo to bring only the VAT amount ?



Hi Marco,

Post the credit memo using a VAT product posting group which has been setup with a VAT Calculation type of “Full VAT”. You might need to configure this in the VAT posting setup.

This actually depends on the result you want to achieve.

In some countries you get the VAT refunded when you export goods - this happens especially in the retail business.

If you sell some items including VAT and get a document from the customs stating that the goods have been exported, you might want to refund the VAT only which could be interpreted as “VAT Credit Memo”.

In such a case you should (rather than just crediting the VAT) do the following:

Create a Credit Memo with two item lines per item (one with negative quantity and one with positive quantity and equal net prices/amounts).
Then make sure that you have the national posting groups in the line with the positive amounts and the export (VAT excluding) posting groups in the negative lines.

The result will be a Credit Note which credits the Amount including VAT and debits the net amount. So the total on the Credit Note is zero (as the net amounts balance) and the VAT is shown in the VAT Amount lines - the Total including VAT is just the VAT.

The same could be done (if you do not want to create item ledger entries) with resources instead of items or G/L accounts directly (National Sales/International Sales).