Creating a Table without a Key Field

I created a little holding table in Navision and I’m having trouble added records to it as it keeps creating a Key field on my first field which can contain duplicates. This table doesn’t need any key fields as it’s just a bunch of text fields to run a report out of.

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I made a combination Key field to get it to work but I still would rather not have a Key field. It’s possible I could get a duplicate combination field in the future.

Maybe you want to add an integer field as primary key as in the entry tables. If you add a new record search for the last one inserted, increase the integer by one and insert the new record with your information fields.

NAV requires that all tables have a primary key (no duplicates).

I wound up making the key field a combination of 4 different fields where there is know way it could ever have duplicates…

Thanks for all the replies…

Another way of doing this is to create an Integer-field to be Primary-key (LineNo). Maybe you make it non-editable at table-level. And then your text-fields, of course.

Now - on your form, set form-property AutoSplitKey to Yes. Do not insert the integer-field into the form at all. And perhaps yopu set form-property DelayedInsert to Yes.

Doing it this way Navision automatically will assign your primary key as you insert new lines - just like in jounal tables.

If you insert records via coding you have to assign the primary key manually (Last LineNo += 10000).

I’ll try that next time I need to create one.


Justy look at the table change log entry and do it that way.