copy fields from customized requisition form to transfer orders by using classes.

give me suggerstions.

this is a customized form .


How is the transfer order created from purchase requisition? Is your requisition purpose is Replenishment?

Or do you have custom code to create transfer order from PR?

tell me sir how to write the code .

Can you read by previous comments?

i dont have custom code . i dont know how to write the logic . plz tell me sir.


sir plz send me code

Do you want to copy the fields from PurchReqTable to InventTransferTable? Please confirm.

no sir customized table requistion header to inventtransfer table and requistion line to inventtransfer line

So do you need code for creating a transfer order from your custom tables?

idont know sir logic, plz send me code.

You can look at the method to know how to create transfer order using code. \Classes\ReqTransPoMarkFirm\createInventTransferTable

i am wriiten code in new class but numbersequence its not getting in invent transfer headr sir.

Can you show your code to create header?

plz wit sir i will send

while select header join line where header.requistionnumber == line.requistionnumber


numberSequenceReference = InventParameters::numrequistionnumber );
numberSeq =
inventTransferTable.requistionnumber = numberSeq.num();
inventTransferTable.InventLocationIdFrom = stockrequistionheader.fromwarehouse;
inventTransferTable.InventLocationIdTo = stockrequistionheader.towarehouse;

inventTransferTable.shipdate= stockrequistionheader.shipdate;
inventTransferTable.receidate= stockrequistionheader.recievedate;
inventTransferTable.TransferStatus = InventTransferStatus::Created;


nventTransferLine.ItemId = item;
inventTransferLine.QtyTransfer = stockline.QtyTransfer ;



You are not filling all the required fields.

Look at \Classes\ReqTransPoMarkFirm\createInventTransferLine


k sir.