Purchase Order

I have created Purch Header table and Line table in the staging table. Now i have to create a class to retrieve the record from staging and store into purch table and purch line table. Can someone provide me the sample code…?

Have a look at PurchAutoCreate* classes

Hi Misha,

This was discussed many times here. One example post here - http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/p/37124/191786.aspx#191786.

Please do a search in this forum for more info.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for the response.

thanks for the suggestion… but that example doesn’t match my request…
maybe my question was not clear. Sorry for that.
step 1: i have to create two new tables inside my project let say name table A and table B.
step 2: then i have to pull the records from table A into purch tbl and table B into
purch line tbl respectively.
step 3: after this process done, i have make sure they are stored succesfully in the vendor table.
step 4: and then those details should be view in the regular workspace> Account Payable > All Purchase Order.
Now my question is how to create a class to pull recode line from table A and table B into purch tbl and purch line.

thanks for the suggestion babu,