Consolidation ans opening balances - NAV 5.01 CH


We woul like to condolidate business units from 01.01.2011 but we do not know how to proceed with opening balances from 2010. Should we enter them manually through a general journal for example ?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi SG,

For General Ledger the answer is usually YES as the number of lines is not that big. But be sure to enter 31.12.10 as posting date so the balances are REAL opening balances. Otherwise your accounts for 2011 would show up the 2010 balances as postings of the year 2011.

For Customer, Vendor and Item Ledger it might be easier to use a program to import the balances (for items) and open entries (for customers and vendors).

Of course you need to be sure that the items, customers and vendors are being set up properly in the new “consolidated” company.


You are right about GL, but other ledgers (Cust / Vend, Item) from “source” are NOT included in consolidation process in any way…

That doesn’t mean Consolidated (“target”) company can’t have it’s OWN Customers/Vendors/Items, but these are not linked in any way to “source”. Only GL entries are transferred to the consolidated company as summarized entries, not each & every line from source, therefore all Cust/Vend info is LOST, unless:

  • this info is duplicated by Dims
  • and corresponding Dims are included in export (and these Dims are maintained in target !!)

To me, standart Navision consolidation therefore is of limited use, in many cases summarized GL entries only is not enough. This works for certain cases, when detailed data are not needed.

Depends if he means “consolidation” in terms of NAV funtion “Consolidation” or if he means to “merge” to companies into one.

My suggestions are targeted for “Merge” as I cannot really see the real consolidation in the question. But this needs to be clarified.