Opening Balance From NAV

Hi Experts,

i’m trying to understand the practical side of the opening balance.

  1. If i have raised an invoice for a customer for $ 1000 and it’s not yet paid, can i consider that transaction in customer ledger entry as an open A/R? Is that all about open A/R? Can you please confirm if it’s only from Customer Ledger Entries?

  2. Can you please give me a clear example for open G/L in the same manner?

  3. If i have to upload open A/R from Navision to another system as opening balances how do i do that? what information i should take and from where to the data port?

  4. if i have exchange rates involved in my trnsactions, what other information and from where do i grab the history for the upload?

Please note that i have used only Financials Management in my Navision system.

Thanks a lot!


All your questions actually are not about Navision, but about Accounting as such.
It would be difficult to give you detailed answers in one post to four questions, but in short:

  1. No. Its both Cust.Ledger and corresponding G/L Accounts.

  2. Hmmm. How do you expect this can be done?

  3. That depends on that “TO” system, but from Navision you can always get current A/R status, format it as “TO” system requires.

  4. All foreign currency transactions in Navision are upon posting calculated to LCY (for this to be done you must first enter the forex rates for currencies/dates in question), as G/L is in LCY, but FC amount is stored, too.

You should rather have an experienced accountant nearby and ask him/her for further detailed assistance - I can’t write here a introductory course of Accounting theory…


First of all I appreciate you taking the challenge for answering all my questions rather than just ignoring. J

Can I be more specific this time?

  1. If it’s both customer ledger entry and corresponding G/L acc(s) Do I have to filter all customer ledger entries with open – checked in? Is that what you mean by “you can always get current A/R status”?

  2. And when I navigate on those ‘open – checked’ in customer ledger entries I find related G/L entries. Are these the ones I have to consider as the corresponding G/L balances?

Many Thanks!

Hi Ilak,

it sounds as though you are trying to extract data from NAV in order to load opening balances into another system. Is that correct?

Probably the easiest way of getting your G/L Trial Balance is to use the Trial Balance report which will show the Net Change for a period and your current position for the balance sheet. In some versions you can also export this directly to Excel. If you are looking to get period movements in the P&L for each period then you may want to consider writing some kind of data extract routine although you could create an Account Schedule report that will give you period totals as columns for accounts which can then be exported to Excel.

As for the AR, yes you would be looking at transferring the Open Customer Ledger Entries. You are going to need the Remaining Amount and the Due Date, depending on the system you are taking the data to. The Currency code is also there.

In NAV you can extract pretty much anything you want and there are lots of ways of doing it. The question is - what do you need?




Gaspode already gave you more detailed suggestions - you can use Detail Trial balance report filtered by GL A/R Accounts, but this report is not “exportable” for upload in another software, there Account Schedules come in.

Answer to your 2 direct questions is YES, but so you can drill down to details by transaction, this is used for lookup of concrete Customer/Transaction, it wouldn’t you give a full list of all open transactions.

Thanks guys!