Connectivity of AX Retail 2009 with Retail POS

i have installed Retail store connector but in services i am unable to the see te services of Retail sore conncector.

Check it with the name ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail store connect’ service.


Did u get the solution, and did u Restart the system after the installation completed .if not try to reastart once…Some services could not appear before restarting.

no i did,t find it

i restart the system,but still no sevices there?

I just found that you need to add the machine name in the Store Connect settings form then only you would be able to view it in the services

when i give macine and datbase name in Store connect settings,the error become database is not vilidating

Make sure that there is correct machine name,Database server & windows authentication credentials in the Store connect settings…

Hai dil,

once see the following link i hope this is help for ur problem.Do the steps in that link carefully .

in configuration tab my server name is not showed

and when i put name of sever and datbase name

Error,your database is not validating,

Dear Dil Nawaz bhai,

Have you been able to resolve this error? I am facing the same issue and the whole implementation is on halt, kindly, help me if you have had been able to resolve your issue.

Thanks & regards,



I am facing the same problem as Dil, kindly, give me some suggestion.



Still not

I thought you had contacted Microsoft for this BUG. I anyways, I will contact them to make them figure out the issue and let you know the solution, Insha Allah.



hmm…would you like to give me your contact details,i want to have a detailed discussion reagrding the matter.

I am in Riyadh these days, so you can chat or speak to me on skype my skype id is tariq_qayyum.

Thanx for sharing contact, i have added you,my skype id is “dinawaz”

Hi There,

We are faced with the same issue, I uninstall HQ and reinstall it and now the services does not want to show, Please help?




services of what ?? HQ or Retail store cnnector ?