checksum error

HI, can anyone help me to repaire my navision database, when i m going to restore it, it show the error of INCORRECT CHECKSUM. I have only this one backup and after it very next day my database from sql server goes delete due to the hardware faliure. Now when i use this backup it show the CHECKSUM ERROR. I have a some days old backup, it works well on restoration, but the corrupted database is very important for us,please if anyone know the process to repair the corrupted database then please reply very soon.

Seems you already had hardware problems when the “corrupted” backup was being created, and later the poor server went down totally…

No good news for you then - although there were some ideas discussed earlier here in forum, first, it was about Native DB, second, method was very time-consuming and you could’t get ALL records back, only up to “spoiled” place - and if it is in the very begining of some table? Plus, high risk of inconsistencies between records in different tables.

If you luckilly have a good "some days old backup", I would rather advise you to use that one and reenter transactions for missing couple of days - this will be faster and more accurate. At least such approach guarantees you the result, but recovering the corrupt backup guarantees you NOTHING, plus, you will spend much time on a job with unpredictable result.

Well, before restoring the backup of your database you need to aware of the fact that checksum functionality only allows you to identify the cause of page corruption but don’t let you to fix them automatically. Using the information provided by the checksum you can identify and remove the reason which has caused this error but if you want to repair your corrupt database then you need to use any third party SQL repair software which should at least repair and recover the data store din the database.