Changing Stock Model from Weighted Average to FIFO - AX2009


I am currently working with an end user who has their products setup usig the costing method weighted average. This is not the appropriate costing method for them, and is causing them serious issues with the value of their stock.

They should be using FIFO, and it would in the long term be beneficial for them to change to this.

Iam assuming that, providing a stock close has been done directly prior to making the change to the stock model group this should work - but I don’t want to cause issues with any open transactions and it is not feasible to ensure there are no open transactions in AX before making the change.

Has anybody done this before? What are the pitfalls?

Would apprieciate any help / advice.



I would advise you take it all out, remove all stock, sales, purchase and transfer lines. Change the method, bring the stock in, reload all items. All of this in test, test it and run through it.