Changing Background in AX4

Hello to all,

due to several different customers und Versions i would like to change the Gray Background to the Customer Logo

or a diffenrent color.

I have already found a Version for AX3 but none for the 4. It seems that there was another technology neccessary to manage the Backgound.

Has anybody realized it already or could give a hint ?

kind Regards

T. Zaun


I don’t know if it is you who asked the question on Mibuso, so I will just cross-post here.

I have the project now (compatible with all versions of AX (or so I hope)).

I will post it in my blog on Tuesday (we are on vacation at the moment).

Just in case, my blog link is:

Hope you will enjoy using it :wink:

Here is the link I promised:

Hello Ivan,

Many Thanks for the Link and the Project. This was exactly what i mean !

As i have seen you use the Info Class for opening the Form via AOTRun. As an additional i now want to refresh / Reload the invisible form on a company change. Was it possible to Close a by Aotrun opened form in “application/setdefaultcompany” and open it again ?

I have already tried to open it by Formrun but it seems to close the form before the changes happened.

Many thanks again

Thorsten Zaun

Thanks Ivan for this…[Y]