content pane background change

how to change content pane background in ax2012

Not possible but have a look at this:

sorry yaar, i couldnt open the link…could u plz tell in detail…

sry yaar…couldnt open the link…could u plz explain in detail …

sorry i am not able to open the link.

Please find the below screenshot for the same

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Britto John Baskar.A

If we want to change the background color with the form color… in RGB ColorSchema, we cannot do this, because in the BackgroundColor property, only have a color selection…

If we want to to this, we must to do it by x++ code in the init method of the form (before that, we must to change the AutoDeclaration property of the StaticText to Yes):

public void init()
int red,green,blue;


[red,green,blue] = WinApi::getSysColor(#COLOR_BTNFACE);