Change property of table field at runtime

Hello I have defined a table relation in the table’s field properties. At runtime, At runtime, I want to narrow this relation depending on user’s input. How can I change this table relation at runtime ? thanks.

FlowFilters might do what you are looking for. Create a new field which is a FlowFilter and then add that to the table relation for the field properties. The flowfilter should then apply to the table relation.

I’m afraid this is not possible in run time. You can use conditions on other field values in your table relations, though. An example of this can be found in the Sales Line table, where the relation of the “No.” field depends on the value of the Type field. In the Table Relation builder you can find everything you are looking for. The order in which you create the conditions matter, so test it well.

You can also code your relation in the OnLookup trigger of the table field, in that case you can capture specific fields of the current record. Table 81, Field 36 6 Applies-to Doc. No. contains a useful example. Saludos Nils