Cannot create a record in Table () , The record already exists.


Can any one tel me why i;m getting this error “Cannot create a record in Table () , The record already exists.” There is only one reason behind this error that is Index values with Allow Duplicate No in table. I have checked that i’m not creating duplicate records The Problem is If create a new record with different values its saying the same error. Thanks in Advance


Can you tell us what Table fields you have created and which are part of the primary index? Also how many indexes did you create with what fields? What is the value of the property Allow duplicate on all indexes?

Which values did you use to insert the records?

Do you notice a difference when you set the Allow duplicates to No?

HI Andre,

Thanks for your Reply ,

We have one Table Name EmplLeaveBalance, in that we have 4 fields, Worker, LeaveType, LeaveId, No of Days, TransDate,

There is only one Index and its allow Duplicate property is No. This Table was working fine , But from today onwards we got error , we didnt do any customization.


If is was working fine, please check if the system does not issue a duplicate record-id. You can check the table SystemSequences (SQL management studio - AX database). Search for the table with your table ID and check the values. If it has a value with an already issued record id (field nextval), you can increase the number.

But normally it is recommended to stay away from this table.

Also verify that the error isn’t thrown by some other table - maybe your table creates other records in insert().