Best songs

Okay sorry if this one actually requires us to do some thinking but this post is about all things music… I want to know your favourite songs, best albums, and if you want to then reasons why… I’ll start off… The Second Coming (Album) - The Stone Roses Revolver Album (Album) - The Beatles Last Goodbye (Song) - Jeff Buckley All albums by Feeder and Radiohead!! … okay just a small start… i could go on and on but hey… lets not just talk about me!

Oooh… where to start: Dark Side of the Moon (Album) - Pink Floyd There’s dozens more, but I had to mention that one.

I agree on Dark Side of the Moon. And I would like to add: Manfred Mann’s Earth Band - Angel Station Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Kindred spirits! Tough one - Where to start… Dark Side… “I’ve always been mad, I’ve know I’ve been mad…” Also, Wish You Were Here, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, Division Bell etc. Parallel Lines (Album) - Blondie (Not one duff track there!) Most of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who & Jam back catalogues are brilliant. Eric Clapton, too Sheryl Crow & The Corrs are also favourites, but not purely for reasons of artistic merit… Best song, either: Layla (Derek & the Dominos)- Either version - the most perfect rock ‘n’ roll love song ever or Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd), because it is just so majestic! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

I agree about Comfortably Numb - it’s funny how drug abuse & addiction makes such a good topic for songs… Golden Brown, Under the Bridge, Hotel California etc. Edited by - kbara on 2002 Jun 24 15:12:28

I agree “Dark Side of the Moon”, also anything Beatles. But also “Mutations” by Beck, or “Odelay”. I also like very, very old Rolling Stones. Like 1964 stuff. Deb

I share Nick Hornby’s view on music in that it provides a history of your life. Different songs for all those important events… Trouble is this gives so many to choose from but up among them must be the following two albums. The Joshua Tree - U2 Transformer - Lou Reed Regards Simon

Not to forget “Night and Day” from Joe Jackson

Oh man… When were you guys borned?

I was born 2509 Thai calendar counting. That reminds me that we have not had any problems with Y2K bugs (we have had this problems 545 years ago). Cheers

I also agree on Lou Reed - Transformer And I would like to add Lou Reed & Velvet Underground - Heroin and Femme Fatale. By the way, I was born in 1962 :slight_smile: Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Transformer is excellent… In answer to your question: 1976 -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

I was born in 1978, and I feel my birth started an era of very poor music :frowning: Edward, I get the whole Corrs thing, but Andrea needs to put some weight on IMHO. It’s also a shame they went all American-stylee with their last album (no offense to American music, it’s just that their Irish-ness was the best thing about them, after the fact they were stunning!)

I would have to agree with you Kristian - I do prefer Forgiven, Not Forgotten (Their first album), and their Unplugged session to their other albums, which were a little too “Hollywood” for my liking. That said, my favourite Corrs song is “Radio”… -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

Lou Reed & Bono/U2 : Satellite Of Love For all those die hard U2 & Velvet Underground fans. U2 Fan since 1983! (Do not call me old fart, OK?) ;-D ######

I agree with U2 - “The Joshua tree”. But “The unforgetable fire” and “Zooropa” are incredible too. I remember always “November rain” from Guns & Roses. Yes, I’m a old dinosaur (born in 1962). He, he!

November Rain ROCKS man!! Slash standing outside that church in the middle of nowhere, with his guitar, hair all in the pickups and no lead plugged into anywhere…yet still punching out a massive tune for all to hear!! Legend!!!

Huh! Not really my fav songs here :wink: I like - Jimmy Somerville (All) - Lighthouse Family (All) - Phil Collins (“We wait and we wonder”) - Jap. Dragonball Z -Songs ggg Ben Benjamin Crause Germany

Hmm… always found the Lighthouse Family quite bland - although most people seem to disagree with me. Listening to Dido right now… not classic, but good chillout music.

Unfortuantely down here in the land of Oz we have a penchant for excrable Pub rock bands. This would have to be the only place that people like Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes, INXS or Midnight Oil could be tolerated let alone famous. Thankfully all you sad poms seem to take our Soapie stars and turn them into Pop Divas. The only thing is the music normally sounds better with the volume down near 0. IMHO you cant go far wrong with anything by The Jam - Going Underground, Beat Surrender, A Town called Malice.