Basic help with 3.60 A emails

I would appreciate some information regarding Email from Navision. The client is running Navision 3.60A with SQL Server database option. What do I do to enable emails to be sent from Navision? I was kinda familiar with the old MAPIMessages OCX functionality. In 3.60A, it is now handled by an Automation Server, looks like. Could someone explain what are the setups required for this? Is the Automation Server a NAS or an external application? Thanks in advance

I think you can do most things through Codeunit 397. This codeunit is a wrapper of a custom Navision MAPI Control. I would guess that this custom Control is a wrapper around the basic Microsoft MAPI dll. As far as setup, I think ‘Navision Attain ApplicationHandler’.MAPIHandler is installed with 3.60 setup, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Chris, Thanks for the reply. Where do I look for the MAPI Handler on the Navi setup? Is it the Application Server that I need to install? Any help is appreciated. Totally in the dark right now. Thanks

I think it is automatically installed. Check the client installation files (Common Directory) for the dll.