How to email in Navision?

Hello, Problem: When trying to email from Navision, the Outlook message window appears, the hour-glass locks the message window. I have to Alt-Tab twice, then my cursor appears, so I can send the email. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I have the following “Mail” Object in Codeunit: NewMessage(ToName : Text[80];CCName : Text[80];Subject : Text[260];Body : Text[260];AttachFileName : Text[260];OpenDialog : Boolean) Ma IF ISCLEAR(MAPIHandler) THEN CREATE(MAPIHandler); ErrorNo := 0; MAPIHandler.ToName := ToName; MAPIHandler.CCName := CCName; MAPIHandler.Subject := Subject; IF Body <> ‘’ THEN MAPIHandler.Body := Body; MAPIHandler.AttachFileName := AttachFileName; MAPIHandler.OpenDialog := OpenDialog; MailSent := MAPIHandler.Send; ErrorNo := MAPIHandler.ErrorStatus; I then try to call it when a table field is clicked: Upgrade Requested - OnValidate() CRLF := 13; Subject :=‘Attn: Equipment Upgrade has been Requested.’; IF “Upgrade Requested” = TRUE THEN BEGIN Body := ‘’; IF HomeRec.GET(“Customer No.”) THEN BEGIN HomeRec.CALCFIELDS(HomeRec.“Builder Name”,HomeRec.“Site Name”); Body := Body + ’ Builder: ’ + HomeRec.“Builder Name” + FORMAT(CRLF); Body := Body + ’ Site: ’ + HomeRec.“Site Name” + FORMAT(CRLF); Body := Body + ’ Address: ’ + HomeRec.“Civic Address” + FORMAT(CRLF); Body := Body + ‘Lot No. : ’ + HomeRec.“Lot No.” + FORMAT(CRLF); END; Mail.NewMessage(‘;;;’, ‘’,‘Attn: Equipment Upgrade has been Requested.’,Body,’’,TRUE); END; Thanks

It may be security settings in Outlook, but I’m not sure.

I’m pretty sure that’s the case as well. Thanks

Why not try a third party emial client, it will probably be easier. (I’ve even setup outlook express to get around it but now a days that has the same security issues).

Don’t know if this ocx ( will be useful for your situation, as it does not allow opening the mail in a window, instead sends the email inmediately. At least it avoids this annoying “Allowing access to…” outlook dialog. Saludos Nils

Thanks Nils, …I’ll try it out.