Bank Payment Entry

Dear All,

Can someone suggest me how i can book the following Scenario through Bank Payment Voucher:-

Vendor 1 Db

Vendor 2 Db

Bank Cr.

Thanks in Advance



What Did you try? and what problem you are facing?

Dear Mohana,

I have tried the same,

In 1st Line i am selecting one Vendor by acc. type as vendor

I 2nd Line i am selcting 2nd Vendor by acc. type as vendor

In 3rd line i am selecting Bank Account by selecting acc. type as Bank

But when i am seeing the Voucher after posting it is showing double entries in each case.

Just now I posted 3 lines and I can see 3 lines only in G/L Entry…

The way i am mapping the Scenario is correct or not, can you please explain what have you taken the Bal. Acc. type.

Bal. Account Type was Blank…