Problem during posting of Voucher

Dear all,

I have recently started using Navision 5.0.

When I am posting a voucher(Bank Payment Voucher in Indian Localization)

I am getting the follwing error message

" Account No. B010 is not defined as bank account for the voucher sub type

bank payment book and document no. BP0002"

I am trying it in Cronus company.

Why this error is coming. This error is coming, whenever I am selecting any bank in voucher entry.

Please give me the solution.

Topic moved to Indian forum as question is IN-localization specific…

Dear Prakash,

Go to Company Information FORM and click on Company and click on Voucher Number Series. Fill in for all the Vouchers and try it.

If u have any further clarification Please reply back



In case of doubts refer to HF2 of NAV 4.0 SP3, It explains the concept and usage of multilocation voucher setup.

Hi prakash,

seshnarayan Answer is corrcet…

but we need to do some setup like that…

in location card also we need to define voucher no. series…

then only it ill post…


I think this a big problem in using “Bank Payment voucher” or “Cash Payment Voucher”. Sometimes client insist on posting a few payment entries like:

  1. Salary A/c --dr

To, PF - Employees

To, ESI- Employees

To, Bank


2. To adjust a Travelling advance given to an employee and then when he submits the exp. details some additional cash is given to him-

Travelling expenses A/c ---- Dr

To, Travel Advance A/c

To, Cash A/c

The above entries cannot be posted in “Bank/Cash payment vouchers”

That is why I fell it is better to use ‘Payment Journal’ and ‘Receipt Journal’. Only you have to bring the “Narration” functionality in these forms.

What you mention is not recommended practise as per Internal Control standards. Person making payment should not be allowed to book expenditure entries but instead should make payment to vendors.

mention the relevant data(Sub Type,Account Type and Account No.) in “Voucher Account Table”. Then only it posts.

Hi, Did you ever find a solution to this problem? If yes, would you mind sharing it with us?