Background of Navision

Hi everyone

i want to know that whether i can change the background screen of the navision i.e can i place any logo or icon the screen on the background…can u help me out in this…

You can only change the color. Nothing else. To change the color.
Right Click on Desktop->Properties->Appearance tab->Advance->In Item Option Select Application BackGround->Then change the color.

thanks for ur reply…

but there is no way to place any icon or logo…or can i place any text on the screen…if yes then how…waiting for ur reply…

What version? If you aren’t using 4.0+ you can add logo on the menus but not on the background(dont see why you want that tbh).

The answer is:

NO THERE IS NO WAY TO PLACE ANY LOGO, TEXT OR IMAGE in the grey background of the Navision Client.

I love these threads…

Q: What is the answer?
A: The answer is B!
Q: But I don’t like that answer, what is the real answer?