Axapta HRM with another payroll system?

Hi, I m looking for examples of implementation on the french market where Axapta HRM (any version) has been successfully connected with a payroll system (a private preexisting payroll system or sold by another editor). Can anyone here help me find some examples: which payroll system, which client? Best regards, Eric

Hi Eric,

We have done this in the Netherlands. We have add new functionality in the HRM module of Dynamics AX so the users can add all the mutations into Dynamics AX. At the end an export is created which can be send to the Payroll supplier. We have in the Netherlands one large Payroll supplier as a partner. The only thing they do is deliver the software (via us).

As an ISV it is our intention to roll this concept out in Europe. Are you interested that we pick this up?

If you need more infromation, please feel free to contact me: Bert Stegeman, FourVision HR Plus, the Netherlands +31 26 3653377 or mobile: +31622496716.

Best regards,

Bert Stegeman.